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The purchase of your flight reservation is a written agreement between the traveler(s), buyer(s), and AirTickets.se, subject to the following rules and regulations:

Baggage FEES: There may be additional charges for luggage. For more information, contact your traveling proprietor or visit its website.

AirTickets.se, does not own or manage independent service providers and only acts as a flight agent. AirTickets.se, in collaboration with different transportation and service companies, distributes flight-related items and commodities. AirTickets.se has direct relationships with major airlines, allowing us to book or modify your travel.

AirTickets.se accepts no responsibility for these accommodations, nor does it have the ability to make any promise or claim about their quality. Travel reservations are subject to the rules established by these flying service providers. AirTickets.se is not responsible for legal action since the individual owner is.

IMPORTANT CONDITIONS: Prices are subject to change before you complete final payment. With the exception of expenses stemming from increases in taxes or fees, costs will not increase after you complete full payment, and you indicate your approval of these rules related to your purchase.

ANNULMENT: Keep in mind that most flight tickets cannot be reimbursed and that cancelled bookings will incur fees. These fees might represent the complete cost of the flight booking, regardless of whether the flight took place or not. If AirTickets.se is held liable for an annulment fee for any booking that you cancel, you agree to keep AirTickets.se harmless.

Unless otherwise stated, travel booking cancellation is required sixty days prior to departure. Some services demand full payment at the time of booking. AirTickets.se accepts debit and credit cards as payment alternatives. You may be required to read and sign a credit card charge form if you want AirTickets.se to charge your credit or debit card

CREDIT AND DEBIT CARD PURCHASES: If any flight service supplier is unable to perform the agreed-upon permitted services, the service provider, not AirTickets.se, bears liability. If AirTickets.se received a credit or debit card payment, you agree not to seek a chargeback from AirTickets.se.

If your debit or credit card has been charged to the airline service provider and you attempt to dispute the payment, you agree to be held liable. You will not attempt to hold AirTickets.se liable for the supplier chargeback. AirTickets.se is maintained free and clear of any air debit notes charged to the company.

If AirTickets.se LLC incurs any expenses, including legal fees, to collect money charged back by your credit or debit card provider, you agree to pay these charges. If your credit or debit card is denied, you agree to pay all costs payable to AirTickets.se in cash or by money order.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: AirTickets.se advises you to get flight cancellation and flight accident insurance. AirTickets.se presentation of its insurance policy to you, however, does not create an agreement or commitment about the insurance.

AirTickets.se is not an insurance provider and is not responsible for the filing, distribution, or modification of insurance claims. Any insurance petition that falls inside the scope of the flight insurance policy must be conducted via the insurance provider specified in the policy.

MISCELLANEOUS Prices: Travel providers, such as hotels and vehicle rental agencies, might incur additional costs and levies that cannot be collected prior to travel.

OBLIGATION: AirTickets.se principal goal is to guarantee that your flight plans are completely satisfactory. AirTickets.se and its partners, on the other hand, do not own or run businesses that provide services relevant to your journey. All of AirTickets.se partners operate as independent contractors and are not linked with our company or any of its affiliates.

ACCOUNTABILITY: You agree that AirTickets.se will not be held accountable for any negligent conduct committed by any third-party business. You also agree that AirTickets.se will not be held liable for any accident, damage, or death. AirTickets.se shall not be held liable for any delays.

AirTickets.se will not be held liable for any inconvenience to a person or an individual’s physical property due from sickness, acts of God, civil disturbance, or terroristic activities of any kind.

You agree that AirTickets.se is not accountable for any criminal behavior, decrease in accommodations, overbooking, technical breakdown, or other failure involving airlines or other modes of transportation. In addition, AirTickets.se will not be held liable for the prompt departure or arrival of any transportation device.

Furthermore, offshore facilities like as heat and air conditioning units in traveling lodges, trains, or buses may not satisfy US standards or requirements. Assume you are needed to commit more time owing to clashing schedules, severe weather, or other causes beyond your control. In such scenario, you will be paying for your own housing, transportation, and meals.

Luggage is entirely at the risk of the luggage owner. Although AirTickets.se name and likeness may be affixed to motor vehicles, signs, and other places, they are solely used for identifying reasons and do not convey AirTickets.se ownership.

Flight costs are based on rates at the time of writing and are subject to change without notice at any moment. In circumstances when accountability cannot be avoided, such liability is restricted to the cost of the travel. You agree that AirTickets.se will not be held accountable for any consequential losses or damages.

TRAVEL PERMITS: All anyone going beyond the United States of America must have a valid passport. Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the date of your flight. You are responsible for ensuring that you have valid travel papers, such as passports, visas, and other necessary permissions.

At all locations, travel papers must match the requirements imposed by immigration officers and other government officials. You are in charge of certifying travel papers with the State Department of the United States of America. In addition, you are responsible for authorizing travel papers with the government agency to which you are flying in order to determine the requirements for visas and other entry requirements to your landing location.

You are liable for any expenses, forfeitures, or fines incurred as a consequence of travel papers that do not fulfill the criteria of government authorities.

Identity: Beginning October 1, 2021, all state-issued identification and licenses must be REAL ID compatible if you desire to travel inside the United States using your state-issued identification or license. If you are unclear if your identity is REAL ID compatible, please contact your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or visit www.tsa.gov/real-id.

TRANSIT Papers: Transit documents include air passenger carrier tickets, hotel vouchers, travel certificates, or any other evidential travel record needed to confirm a service provider agreement.

Certain features and limitations, such as non-reimbursability, may apply to transit papers. Other limitations may include the inability to amend travel papers’ dates. Furthermore, travel papers are non-transferable and cannot be used by anyone else.

All tickets issued by air passenger carriers must be issued in the name of the authorized identity bearer. Any illegal name on a booking causes it to be canceled and rendered useless. If AirTickets.se is not alerted at the time of booking, you will be held liable for any errors in names, dates, and schedule on your documents.

AirTickets.se highly recommends that you reconfirm your flights 24 hours before departure.

HEALTH AND SPECIALIZED PROVISIONS: You must be aware of any health specifications, health notifications, or health transit limits that are applicable to your flight destination. It is your obligation to ensure that you have all immunization documentation. AirTickets.se is under no obligation to provide you with this content.

Transit carriers and municipal authorities at aircraft stops may need specialized testing before to boarding and throughout your trip visit. Due of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, specialized testing may include temperature checks.

You accept that you may be denied access into your carrier depending on the findings of specialized testing. In addition, depending on the findings of specialist testing, you may be denied admission to your destination and compelled to self-quarantine at your aircraft stop. When you return to the United States, you may be compelled to self-quarantine.

You must follow the policies of the local government.

You will be held liable for any extra expenses incurred as a consequence of the findings of specialist testing.

AirTickets.se highly advises you to review the available information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention both before and during your travel. To acquire general information, go to www.cdc.gov.

FLIGHT VERIFICATION: AirTickets.se highly urges passengers to confirm their flight timings with the airline before to departure. For intercontinental flights, travelers must check in at least two hours before departure. Furthermore, AirTickets.se highly urges international flight passengers to check in at least three hours before departure time and to be at the gate a half-hour before the planned departure time.

Failure to follow Flys’ adviser advice may result in your seat being forfeited to another passenger.

INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT: Some nations are required to spray pesticide on the aircraft prior to flight departure or while you are on board the airline carrier. AirTickets.se is required by federal law to direct airline customers to the Department of Transportation’s disinfection website, https://www.transportation.gov/airconsumer/spray.

REJECTION OF SERVICE: Service providers have the authority to refuse service to planes at their discretion. The service provider reserves the right to reject service if the passenger is under the influence of prohibited drugs, lacks the necessary papers for entry into the destination country, or acts inappropriately. AirTickets.se is not liable if a service provider refuses to provide service.

CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY: AirTickets.se is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information and treats it as classified information.

COMPUTERIZED OR TRANSCRIBED SIGNATURE: You agree that your electronic signature or handwritten signature signifies your acceptance of all of AirTickets.se specific terms and conditions. You recognize that your permission is manifested in your actions. Your actions will include paying for the manifest and using the services provided by AirTickets.se and any other service providers relevant to your booking.

All such measures will be regarded recognition and purchase of this contract and shall be sufficient to bind the parties to the specifications of this contract.

JURISDICTION: In the absence of a contradiction with federal laws and their principles, the manifestation, validity, and execution of these specifications, as well as any conflicts of interest relevant to the concerned parties, shall be governed by the laws of the state of Florida. In any legal procedures involving these specifications, both parties must cooperate with the jurisdiction of the state of Florida.

USE REQUIREMENTS: We appreciate your business at AirTickets.se Use this document as the binding terms of use for any linked websites, organizations, operations, insurance broker and commissioner services, all communication channels, and other services provided by AirTickets.se. These use guidelines constitute a legally binding written agreement between you and AirTickets.se about the use of our services.

Your reliance on the information provided by AirTickets.se is entirely at your own risk.

Qualification: By using our site and accepting to the terms and conditions, you affirm that you are at least eighteen years old, have never been barred from using the service, and are legally authorized to do so.

If you are a representative of an entity or company, you hereby acknowledge that you are qualified to bind that business to these terms, and you affirm that you are only bound to these terms in your capacity as a representative of that organization.

Correspondence may be used for information or advertising. You are not required to agree to these correspondences, and you may revoke authorization for promotional messages, phone calls, or texts at any time. Additional charges may apply depending on who owns your mobile phone. Calls may be recorded for your safety and quality assurance.

Clauses: The services we offer are not guaranteed and are given “AS IS.” By using this service, you agree to accept any and all possible risks of injury.

Limitation of Liability: To the greatest extent permitted by law, AirTickets.se will not be held liable for any inconveniences resulting from your access to and use of the material on this site.

AirTickets.se respects all intellectual property and adheres to a policy that is in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If you have any concerns about copyright infringement, please provide us with any relevant notifications so that appropriate action may be done. AirTickets.se will delete any infringing content.

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